Kuli Kuli

Kuli Kuli was launched in 2009 by artist Tatiana Arocha as an outlet to create educational Spanish-language materials for her newborn son. The brand has since grown to encompass a range of fun products for young creative minds and parents alike, including decorative art prints, posters, fabrics, greeting cards and party decorations.

The moniker Kuli Kuli comes not from the Nigerian peanut snack of the same name, but from the imagination of Tatiana’s son and artistic muse. The story goes that “kuli kuli” was one of his first invented phrases, which he eventually articulated as being the bright green seaweed that grows in the oceans of his imagined world of Candyland.

Originally from Bogota, Colombia and now a resident of Brooklyn, New York, Tatiana’s artwork combines her passion for storytelling, whether childlike or intellectual, with an incredible attention to detail and refined sense of style developed over years as a graphic designer. Her illustrations can be found in over a dozen design and art books published internationally, and used in apparel for Burton Snowboards and product lines from Australia to South America.